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Getting around the East Coast

25. Juli 2017

Getting around the East Coast

I wanted to go to New York City and show a friend the best it has to offer. We also wanted to go to Toronto and then Chicago too. We ended up with ten destinations to visit. One month of traveling the US East Coast plus a little bit of Canada. It took us weeks to figure out the best route and what kind of transportation to use. Planes, trains, buses, not to forget subways and street cars. Also Uber became our dearest friend. Let’s forget about the flight to London first and back via London, the six hour wait at the airport, heading to Vienna and taking the train back home to Upper Austria. Without the overseas flights our route was about 6.206 km long.

I barely use public transportation back home, but it sounded somewhat romantic to take a Greyhound bus at night. Americans are kinda in love with trains, so we also wanted to explore that. Well, what sounded like a good idea, turned out to be very exhausting. Hopping from one city to another, with cabin luggage only, makes you tired. It’s not comfortable to sleep in a full bus and you get to see nothing on a train ride except fields. Don’t get me wrong, I would do it again anytime. But for the first time in my life I had wrinkles around the eyes.

Not to forget the hurricane Matthew. We are Austrians, we don’t have a clue about hurricanes, so it did not hold us back from taking the plane from New Orleans to Savannah one day before the storm came. Neither did we know what to do when our iPhones made a terrible noise to warn us. By the time we decided to leave Savannah, there were no flights available. Ours for the next morning was cancelled. No train ticket, no bus and of course I did not bring my driving license to rent a car. So we were evacuated with those people who couldn’t afford to leave on their own. School buses full of crying and screaming people, surrounded by police cars, brought us to sweet little Augusta. People told us we would have to stay and sleep in the high school gym for two days, until they would bring us back. Not my idea of a good weekend. So we moved on and took another bus back to Atlanta for the third time.

We had to skip Washington DC and headed straight to Philadelphia. A four star hotel was our treat for the terrible past 48 hours and in advance for the troubles of our other lost hotel reservation the next day. One week in Philly, back in a real city where we knew how to survive.

And finally, good old New York City for a week. I looked like shit, I was tired but I couldn’t have been any better.

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