Weekly Update KW21

22. Mai 2017

Weekly Update KW21

Last week was all about photos. A great walk in Au, next to the Danube, a daytrip to Wels and Sunday lunch thing at my aunts place in Münzbach, I also took a walk and got some pics. I have a job interview today, so fingers crossed.

Blog of the week

Not only for me, is he one of the greatest travel bloggers. His Blog seems new and not that bold, yet. Check out his Instagram too, it’s amazing. Let me introduce – Jack Morris and doyoutravel.

Quote of the week

“Nothing develops intelligence like travel”
– Emile Zola

YouTube Video of the week

Safiya Nygaard already did a Video about Facebook ads. Same concept work with Instagram now.

Song of the week

The first album reminds me of my teen-days. The music kinda grow up with me.

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